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The growth of Singapore from the early 70’s to the early 90’s saw the expansion of Ho Lee’s business from a single entity dealing with general plumbing works to one that carries out various construction-related businesses from general building construction to specialised metal works, formwork fabrication and sales and rental of construction machines and equipment.

These various companies were group together in 1996 and saw the incorporation of Ho Lee Group (HLG).

The grouping allows all these companies to adopt a similar corporate culture which focuses on an open communication and the sharing of ideas. This, in turn, encourage corporation and collaboration between colleagues and business partners to derived workable construction solutions for our customers and improving the construction industry. By drawing upon the experience and knowledge of its people that are serving the different needs of the construction industry, it also promotes further diversification into other new business areas that the individual company had never ventured into previously.

From its inception in 1996, HLG had gone on to acquire Wee Poh Construction Co. (Pte) Ltd (WPC) in 2005 which is a civil engineering construction company graded by the Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) with an A1 grading (the highest grade) under the workhead CW02. The Group also acquire Liang Huat Aluminium Ltd in 2007 which is an Aluminium and Curtain Wall Specialist listed on the Main Board of the Stocks Exchange of Singapore (SGX).

The Group also ventured into the development of commercial and residential properties either individually or with its business partners and had to date developed projects such as the Built-to-Order Mauser Factory in Tuas, Singapore, The Watercolour Executive Condominium, The Heron Bay Executive Condominium, to name a few. The Group was also one of the major sponsors of the Viva Industrial Trust during its IPO listing on the SGX in November 2013.

The strong corporate culture of the Group is a cornerstone in the success of the Group thus far and the strong partnership that we have established with our business associates and customers over the years will be further enhanced as we push for further growth into the future.

We look forward to every opportunity to collaborate and work with people that share our vision of providing construction solution for our customer and improving the construction industry.

Today, Ho Lee Group consists of the following companies:

  • Ho Lee Construction Pte Ltd
  • Ho Lee Development Pte Ltd
  • Ho Lee Plumbing Pte Ltd
  • Ho Lee Machinery Pte Ltd
  • Ho Lee Properties Pte Ltd
  • HLMG Holdings Pte Ltd
  • Ho Lee Industrial Pte Ltd
  • Ho Seng Lee Construction Pte Ltd
  • Ho Seng Lee Realty Pte Ltd
  • Khai Wah Development Pte Ltd
  • Logistics Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Nuform System Asia Pte Ltd
  • TPSC Asia Pte Ltd
  • Wee Poh Construction Co. (Pte) Ltd