Ho Lee Group Corporate Culture

The company believes that its success is predominantly determined by the organisation culture and mindset of its staff, the company’s key asset.

Great emphasis had been placed on the generating of a correct and positive work culture that can be firmly embedded in the company. The essential values that make up that culture include building a united and committed team with good esprit-de-corps, providing ample channels for open communications throughout the organisation structure, encouraging initiatives and innovations among all levels of the hierarchy and promoting individual success which equates to company success. The company also believes in embracing the passion in each and every of its staff, allowing them to develop in their areas of interest and speciality, to the wildest imagination possible and yet presenting themselves with the best attitude possible.

The inculcated corporate culture will be the ultimate driving force that keeps the company moving in its strive for premium status in the industry.


Builder’s Mission Statement

“To be a premium builder delivering quality work and services for all projects undertaken

The company aims to achieve premium status in the industry through the combination of the following:

1. Setting higher standards of achievement that will become benchmarks of excellence.
2. Using technological advancement and new methodology to achieve better construction efficiency.
3. Cultivating leadership responsibilities among the management team.
4. Continuing the training and upgrading of staff and encourage personal development and improvement.
5. Emphasising the well being of its staff by promoting work-life balance and providing a healthy and safe work environment.
6. Ensuring the achievement of customer satisfaction in all areas of service rendered.
7. Developing and enforcing a positive work culture among its staff to produce quality work in all aspects of the undertaken projects.

The company believes that it can S.U.C.C.E.E.D. in its pursuit as a premium builder when all the above-mentioned are achieved.