Ho Lee BIM-VDC-IDD Journey

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a process that adopts Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a key component where it is a plan which fully integrated the whole building process into a Master Schedule in virtual reality form. It is fast becoming a necessity in today’s construction world given that it not only provides information for all building elements to be viewed collectively but more importantly, it enables critical review of all such building element and information as an integral component not possible previously on 2-dimensional drawings. Adopting VDC with BIM is even more vital and productive approach for current Singapore built environment as we are moving towards a construction era with highly productive technology such as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), advance precast technology, Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction (PPVC), Prefab Bathroom Unit (PBU), Modular MEP, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), etc.

Ho Lee has embarked on the BIM journey since the year 2012 with its Heron Bay EC project. We continually train, develop and upgrade our BIM-VDC team to take on more challenging projects and use VDC more extensively in all aspects of construction works. Over the years, Ho Lee has implemented BIM for projects for the use cases range from 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and etc.

In line with the Government’s Built Environment Industry Transformation Map (ITM), Ho Lee uses digital technologies to integrate work processes and connect stakeholders for all the projects undertaken. The company is continuously investing into emerging technology with the use of BIM and VDC to continue the role as a strong player for implementation of Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) for all the projects.