Nuform System Asia Pte Ltd

HLG has been supplying metal formworks to the construction industry via is subsidiary Ho Seng Lee Construction Pte Ltd (HSL) as early as 1993 when the industry was still relying on timber formwork for construction.

However, with the Singapore Government pushing for greater productivity in recent years, HLG saw an opportunity to provide formwork solution that will cater to the need of higher productivity. After numerous study trips to countries which uses advance formwork system and after repeated trials, Nuform System Asia Pte Ltd (Nuform) was formed to provide a breath of fresh air in formwork solution.

From traditional timber and metal formworks, Nuform seek to provide aluminium formwork as a better alternative to timber and metal given that aluminium is an inert metal and does not rust as compared to traditional metal formwork. Aluminium formwork is also obviously better than timber formworks since it allows more repeated use than what timber formworks can offer.

Moving one step ahead, the Aluminium Formwork provided by Nuform comes complete as a system and this allows the formwork to either self-climb, fly, mechanically or hydraulically jacked. These not only improves productivity tremendously but offers cost savings in the long run given its high repetitive usage and low maintenance.

Since its introduction, the Nuform system had received very positive feedback and the company continues to seek improvement in its product that will continue to provide even better efficiency and effectiveness.

Nuform currently carries the following Formwork system namely:-

  • Nuform Wallform System
  • Nuform Climbing Wallform System
  • Nuform Automatic Climbing Wallform
  • Nuform Perimeter Protection Climbing Scaffold System
  • Nuform Column Formwork System
  • Nuform Flying Truss Table Form
  • Nuform Aluminium Form

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Nuform Flying TableNuform AL Form System